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How Is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Diagnosed?

Chronic fatigue syndrome is silent, invisible, and debilitating. It’s hard to describe your symptoms, and even harder to get people to believe they’re real. Here’s why it’s so tough to diagnose.

Feb 24th, 2020
What Is Prolozone Therapy?

Chronic joint pain from an injury or a degenerative condition like osteoarthritis can slow you down and affect the quality of your life. Take a natural approach to relieving knee, shoulder, and joint pain, and regain mobility with prolozone therapy.

Jan 14th, 2020
Oxygen Therapy: All of Your Questions Answered

How long can you hold your breath? You can live for a while without food and water, but you won’t last more than a few minutes without air. It fuels your cells, feeds your brain, and facilitates a healthy metabolism — can it also heal what ails you?

Nov 13th, 2019