Fatigue Getting You Down? When to See a Doctor

There’s nothing better than taking on life’s daily challenges feeling energized and healthy. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Constantly feeling fatigued makes it difficult to do much of anything. And while it’s normal to experience some occasional tiredness, there comes a time when your chronic fatigue requires treatment. 

Amy Maron-Martinez, ARNP, our fatigue specialist at Optimized Wellness, combines her years of experience and expertise in holistic medicine to discover why you’re feeling so consistently run down and to help re-energize you. 

When fatigue becomes worrisome

Here are a few common reasons our patients see Jordan Bernard for fatigue:

You can’t function properly

Do you find yourself staring at your work, unable to get started? Is it impossible to stay organized, focused, and motivated during the day? Then it’s time to get evaluated for chronic fatigue.

You’re frequently fatigued

Maybe you went to bed a few hours later than usual last night and woke up under a cloud of sleepiness; or maybe you hit the gym hard yesterday and your body feels like it needs an extra hour of rest to recharge. These are all normal, even healthy signs of a body that’s simply craving a bit of relaxation, and the fatigue typically goes away with adequate rest. 

But if that late-night lethargy turns into weeks on end of sluggishness, or your body groans for a daily nap even when you skip the gym, you might need to see a medical professional.

You’re dealing with other symptoms

If you have significant pain, experience shortness of breath, notice drastic changes in your weight and appetite, or have a low-grade fever, it’s possible your fatigue is an indicator of an underlying medical condition. 

Other symptoms that can accompany chronic fatigue and raise red flags are:

Don’t hesitate to get evaluated by our team if you’re experiencing any concerning symptoms on top of your fatigue. 

You’re tired after a full night of rest

There’s nothing more frustrating than getting to bed early, sleeping soundly until your alarm goes off, and waking up barely able to pry your eyelids open.

If you get the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep every night and still wake up exhausted, you might have a sleep disorder or other underlying issue causing your fatigue. 

You can’t figure out why you’re tired

Unfortunately, even the healthiest person can still be chronically fatigued, Even if you eat well, exercise regularly, avoid alcohol and caffeine, and get plenty of sleep, you can still be weighed down by weariness. This can be a sign that you have deficiencies or other issues that no amount of exercise and clean eating can fix. 

How we treat fatigue

No two people experience fatigue the same way or for the same reasons. That’s why an evaluation with Jordan Bernard is the first and most important step in getting relief from fatigue.

Optimized Wellness uses a holistic approach to understand the whole picture when it comes to evaluating and treating your fatigue. She understands that fatigue is a condition that can be the result of a variety of problems including diet and nutrition issues, too much or too little exercise, side effects from certain medications, or certain medical conditions. 

We offer a wide variety of treatment options to deal with your fatigue. Depending on your needs and the root cause of your fatigue, Jordan Bernard recommends treatments including:

Each of these therapies can be used alone or in combination with each other to give you the best care and relief possible from your symptoms. 

There’s no room in your schedule for fatigue. If you’re ready to experience life on a full tank and get to the bottom of your condition, call our Centennial, Colorado, office or schedule an appointment online today.

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