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The expert team at Optimized Wellness helps the men and women of Centennial, Colorado, take control over their health with natural root-cause and preventive therapies. They use holistic, integrative methods to medicine as an alternative to the conventional approach: treating symptoms with medications.

True to the name, Amy Maron-Martinez, ARNP, at Optimized Wellness want to see you live an optimized life. She starts with preventive strategies and education to empower you to lead a healthy life. 

If concerns arise, the specialists take an integrative approach to pinpoint the very source of your medical issues and use the most natural, scientifically-backed treatments to address issues like fatigue, hot flashes, and knee pain. 

Some of the advanced, transformative treatments they offer include regenerative, hormone, and ozone therapies. These therapies help restore wellness, promoting the body’s own self-regulating systems without introducing foreign substances.

The Optimized Wellness team believes in enriching the lives of each individual who walks through their door. They understand your health is complex and continuously changing, so they offer you strategies and treatments to help you maximize your wellbeing. 

If you’re interested in this holistic, revitalizing approach to your health, request an appointment online or call the office to book a consultation.



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