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Extreme fatigue can cause far-reaching effects on your relationships, work-life, and physical ability. Our Specialist Amy Maron-Martinez at Optimized Wellness address the root cause of your chronic fatigue syndrome with personalized oxygen and physical therapies. Through targeted therapies at the Centennial, Colorado office, you can regain your energy and vigor. Visit the office by calling to schedule a consultation or requesting an appointment online.

Chronic Fatigue

What is chronic fatigue syndrome?

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a complicated condition marked by extreme persistent fatigue, which doesn’t improve with rest. For some men and women, fatigue worsens after mental or physical exertion.

The difference between normal and chronic levels of fatigue include:

  • Duration: temporary versus ongoing 
  • Intensity: mild or extreme
  • Rest levels: improve or don’t improve fatigue

With chronic fatigue, you may also suffer from other symptoms associated with fatigue, such as difficulty concentrating, joint and muscle pain, and dizziness.

If you feel more tired than usual and your fatigue doesn’t improve with rest, it’s time to seek out the expert team at Optimized Wellness.

What causes chronic fatigue syndrome?

Researchers aren’t sure what the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome is, and no tests exist to confirm it. Men and women with the condition seem to be very sensitive to normal amounts of exertion.

Something seems to trigger chronic fatigue syndrome for predisposed adults, such as:

  • Impaired immune function
  • Viral infections
  • Hormone imbalance

Jordan Bernard, ARNP, at Optimized Wellness care about uncovering the root cause of the syndrome rather than treating the symptoms. Though chronic fatigue is tricky, the specialists have found success with several holistic treatments.

What is the treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome?

Oxygen therapy, or major autohemotherapy (MAH), often has beneficial results for men and women with chronic fatigue syndrome. MAH involves oxygenating your blood with medical grade ozone.

Ozone, extracted from pure oxygen, makes more oxygen available to your body’s cells. Oxygenation increases mitochondrial function and stem cell creation.

Ozone also improves circulation, provides antioxidant protection, and helps regulate over- and underactive immune systems. If decreased cell energy and immune function are behind chronic fatigue, oxygen therapy often helps alleviate the condition. 

Physical therapy is another beneficial treatment for chronic fatigue. With expert guidance, you can often train your body to handle increased levels of activity by starting with a few minutes of light activity and working your way up.

If you have an ongoing issue with extreme fatigue, reach out to Optimized Wellness over the phone, or request your appointment online to begin down the path toward relief.